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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Powers of Persuasion!!!

This month, our class explored the world of persuasive reading and writing. We began by studying and creating printed advertisements. Next came commercials. After thorough research in class and at home, we began crafting our own commercials. This activity fit in perfectly with our most recent Book of the Month, Big Chickens, by Leslie Helakoski.

Students worked in pairs to choose a persuasive topic based on the book. Topics ranged from persuading the audience to read the book, to persuading characters within the book to make certain choices. We are pleased to present a few of our commercials for your viewing pleasure, but we warn you, our powers of persuasion are strong!

Poffersons Persuade the Big Chickens from Lauren Morgan on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

That was awesome! I am so proud of the work that the two of you did to create that! Great job!

Much love,

Ms. Ossi

Anonymous said...

Hi I liked the comershals a lot, I think that their very funny.

You're friend

Anonymous said...

I like all of them!They are all great!ashley

Anonymous said...

Dear Everyone,
I think I did the best!
Just kidding 8) I think everyone did great!!!!!!